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Marine Gauges
Marine Gauges
  • IP 67 protection rating for the whole gauge.
    • Can work up to 1 meter underwater.
  • Excellent fog resistant performance
  • Scratch resistant curved glass lenses.
  • Easy installation with multi-plug socket connections.
  • Easily select between either red or yellow backlight; gauges are also available with blue backlight
  • Default working voltage is 12V.
    • Compatible with 24V systems.
    • A drop resistor is needed for the cross coil gauges to work with a 24V system.
Marine tachometer
Level Gauges Level Gauge (for Fuel/Diesel, Water, Holding Tank)
The Fuel/Diesel, Water, and Holding Tank Level Gauges allow the user to remotely monitor the liquid level in the tank. These level gauges will work with any level sender with the corresponding resistive output.
Multi-Tank Gauge Panel Mult-Tank Gauge Panel
The UP2 and UP7-B are elegant solutions for the user to monitor multiple tanks levels without the need of multiple gauges, thereby saving precious dashboard space.
The UP7-B allows the user to toggle between and monitor up to 7 tanks by press of a button.
The UP2 panel allows the user to toggle between and monitor 2 tanks, be it fuel/fuel, fuel/water, or water/water.
Oil Temperature Gauges Oil Temperature
The Oil Temperature gauge allows the user to closely monitor the engine oil's temperature, ensuring the motor oil has not degraded prematurely thereby preventing additional wear and damage to the engine and its components.
Water Temperature Gauges Water Temperature
The Water Temperature Gauge allows the user to remotely monitor the engine's coolant temperature, ensuring it does not overheat, thus avoiding major and expensive damages to the engine.
Voltmeter Voltmeter
The Voltmeter allows the user the monitor their vehicle's electrical system, ensuring that it is operating properly and efficiently. When the engine is running, the gauge should read approximately 14V on a 12V system, and should read approximately 27V on a 24V system. The Analog Voltmeter allows the user to measure 8V-16V; the Digital Voltmeter allows the user to measure 8V-32V.
Ammeter Ammeter
The Ammeter provides an overview of the entire electric system, signifying to the user whether the system is charging or draining the battery charge. The analog Ammeter is available for ±50A or ±80A and would require a current pick-up unit, the Digital Ammeter is available for ±150A and includes a current pick-up unit.
Oil Pressure Gauges Oil Pressure
The Oil Pressure Gauge allows the user to monitor the oil pressure of their system, ensuring all the components are properly lubricated for optimal performance. The Oil Pressure Gauge are available in 0-75 psi (0-5 bar), 0-145 psi (0-10 bar), and 0-365 psi (0-25bar).
Hourmeter Hourmeter
New LCD Hourmeter is an alternative to the traditional analog Hourmeter. The digital display eliminates the possibility of mechanical failure on the counter, thereby giving an accurate count of the engine hour.
Tachometer Tachometer
The Tachometer is integral in monitoring the engine performance. The integrated Hourmeter keeps an accurate count of the engine hour, allowing the user to maintain a proper maintenance schedule.
Speedometer Speedometer
The Speedometer receives its signal from the pitot tube. The stepper motor core allows for a highly precise and steady needle movement.
GPS Speedometer GPS Speedometer
The speedometer precisely shows the actual speed and actual compass heading without any signal inputs from the yacht. The signal comes from the 32-channel GPS signal receiver that comes along with the unit. The GPS speedometer has the advantages of high precision, quick location confirmation, and short start up time. Most importantly, the GPS speedometer is easy to setup and can be used in all vehicles, boats, and off-road vehicles (12V/24V).
Analog Clock Analog Clock
The Analog Clock allows the user to keep track of time with a clean and classic style. Featuring an easy to read analog clock dial with minute and hour hands, the stepper motor core allows for accurate hand movements. The LED backlight makes the Clock easy to read no matter night or day.
Nav Light Gauges Navigation Light
The Navigation Light allows the user to monitor his or her navigation light at the comfort of the helm. If a bulb or a cable connection is broken, the LED on the gauge will turn off, allowing the user to easily see which light needs to be examined.
Trim Gauges Trim Gauge
The Trim Gauge provides information regarding the position of the engine in relation to the boat’s stern, and whether or not the trim tabs are properly adjusted. Trim levels are extremely important to avoiding damage to the propeller when traveling in shallow water.
Rudder Angle Gauges Rudder Angle Gauge
The Rudder Angle Gauge shows the rudder position at all times. Accurate indication of the position of the steering rudder is extremely important when navigating through tight and crowded waterways.
Available Gauges
Fuel Level Gauge
Water Level Gauge
Holding Tank Level Gauge
Multi-Tank Gauge
Oil Temperature Gauge
Water Temperature Gauge
Oil Pressure Gauge
Trim Gauge
Rudder Angle Gauge
Navigation Light
GPS Speedometer
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