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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Does KUS USA have a CAGE code?
Q: Do you ship overseas?
Q: We are a distributor, how can we setup an account with you?
Q: What is your warranty policy?
Q: What is your return policy?
Technical Trouble Shooting
Q: Why is the level gauge reading backwards (reading full when tank should be empty, reading empty when tank should be full)?
Q: Does KUS carry a fuel sender that can be shortened in length?
Q: What lengths do the standard units come in?
Q: Are the level senders or gauges NMEA 2000 certified or compatible?
Sending Units
Q: What are the signal outputs of the level senders?
Q: How does the 2 wires from the senders connect?
Q: What are the senders made of?
Q: How do I determine the length of the sender I need?
Q: What is the operating voltage for the senders?
Q: How to verify if sender is connected correctly?
Q: How to test if sender is operating correctly?
Q: Do the senders and sensors work only with KUS gauges?
Q: What are the input signals for the gauges?
Q: What type of signals does the Tachometer take?
Q: What is the operating voltage for the gauges?
Q: How to test if the level gauge is operating correctly?
Q: How come the Navigation Gauge is not working?
Q: Are the gauge dials backlit?
Q: Do the gauges only work with KUS senders and sensors?
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